Let’s partner together, to convert your ideas into a solid, efficient product and translate your objectives and advantages. Whether you seek a well-tailored product, a development service, or technology consulting, Smart Simple Solutions team and products are ready to fulfill your needs and achieve your targets

Custom Application and Product Development Services

As global competition increases and clients’ requirements evolve, developing useful products is not enough. Customers need efficient partners that can support in creating greater, innovative, and specific products Therefore Smart Simple Solutions will provide the needed expertise and know-how supported by efficient processes, and a team that can develop custom-tailored products, software, applications and services

Management Softwares

Asset Management

Smart Simple Solutions developed a user-friendly system for three devices: a handheld Android device scanner, a standing Android device tablet with wireless scanner, and a headless item scanner.

This application permits users to place a new order, add products and manage current inventory. Additionally, an automated algorithm is added to notify the stakeholder about the inventory status and the need to place new order to keep up with forecasted demand. All in all, this system effectively saves time and increases efficiency in the workplace.

Management Software

Information Display System

Smart Simple Solutions developed an information display system, a multi-platform digital signage product. It was built with an intuitive web interface where users can easily create digital signage to place in their stores, restaurants, and other buildings. A headless Android app was created to seamlessly display the signage. The system allows people to swiftly update their signs, make great designs on their own, and display a variety of media including images, video, and social media feeds

Management Software

Inventory Management System

Smart Simple Solutions developed a cost-effective and flexible mobile application, in which workers can quickly add new items, attach photos, and manage their inventory employing the same options as the web application. Additionally, mobile users can take advantage of the app’s barcode scanning feature to add items and to automatically populate item specifics with Amazon and Google product search results. The application offers several customizability options, and all data is synced through the web. This solution is a highly-customizable, organized, and scalable application for business inventory management


Document Management System

Smart Simple Solutions developed a hybrid mobile and web solution. The product includes all features one needs to run an organized operation. Each document type (i.e.: case, client, product, etc.…) is tracked individually, and users can access all historical documents and related material. They can manage their accounting by tracking billable hours, running invoices, and completing payments. They can also manage email, documents, tasks, notes, schedules, contacts, and more, all inside one application. Each firm can add additional staff and adjust account settings to their preferences. This solution enables business owners to efficiently manage and grow their firms

Shopping Assistant

Smart Simple Solutions developed a service that fulfill the client’s demand and match their goals. This application is designed to fit the company brand and to offer an inviting experience to the end user. This solution contains a primary screen which features the client’s product catalogue organized by brand and accompanied by a search option. Users add their desired items to a shopping cart and can also save them for later in their wish list. In addition, a barcode scanning feature is integrated so users can quickly locate and reorder their items. The application is secured with a custom login system paired with the employee/retiree database. The overall result is a convenient solution for employees and a successful development experience for clients

E-Learning Platform

Smart Simple Solutions developed a program that helps students learn. The platform is an interactive, content-rich solution that makes learning fun.
Content formats include videos, animations, games, and quizzes. Additionally, the platform is equipped with a content protection system and an online shop system for purchasing and delivering new content securely.

Through this system E-Learning Platform provides students with a tireless learning companion, making learning easy and fun

Museum Proximity Guide​

With a cultural look and support for multiple languages, Smart Simple Solutions designed an application to promote learning and exploration. Using proximity sensors and BLE, the app recognizes when the user is near a point of interest. At each point of interest, the application will automatically offer more information about the landmark as well as video or audio. This application provides helpful information and media to visitors of the site, in which they can further explore the town and learn more about what they see

Travel Guide

Smart Simple Solutions designed a practical and simple application that focus on providing clear information to the user. Users can narrow places by category, such as hotels or cinemas, or by city. Each place includes a name, location, and contact information from which the user can quickly take action. In addition, the application is integrated with Google Maps so users can instantly see where each place is located The admin can quickly add new places, remove old ones, and update existing information in the database

Kids Activity Tracker

Smart Simple Solutions built the Kids Activity Tracker application for Mac and Windows, which is a kid-friendly application with a playful design and simple interface. The Activity Tracker Pod is a fun, physical activity tracker designed specifically for kids. Activity Tracker offers a fitness platform where kids can earn points for their healthy activity and compete with friends. With this simple application, we provided an effective desktop solution for the Activity Tracker Pod so it can normally sync its data with the iOS or Android application over Bluetooth

Our vision is to be recognized for our expertise, innovation, and commitment to client satisfaction. We strive to foster a culture of collaboration, continuous improvement, and respect for our clients, employees, and stakeholders.
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All Rights Reserved | 2023
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